A loosely arranged marriage, v2
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Never forget: #Pornban 2015

One year ago today, the Indian government decided to block 857 pornographic websites, to prevent the creation of crazed “sex maniacs”. This lasted all of … two days. Such stupidity should never be forgotten – here’s John Oliver to take us down memory lane…

A peak at my ever-evolving #comics #webcomics #process…

I was unhappy with the thumbnails (aka the rough sketch of a complete page). So I opened up the thumbnails in Clip Paint Studio (the app formerly known as Manga Studio) and Mischief. Mischief has a neat Window Opacity feature where you can use it while seeing everything that’s beneath it. I saw all of […]

Can you learn Hindi – with a font?

I don’t know how to read either Bengali or Hindi. My grandmother started teaching me Bengali once when I was a kid; I had a rudimentary knowledge of the letters and numbers for a few months. And that was it – by the time we returned the next year I’d lost interest. All I know now […]

Aziz Ansari Goes to India

I just finished watching Parks & Recreation last week (boo hoo :() and developed a much greater appreciation for Aziz Ansari over the last few months. The guy is effortlessly funny and entertaining as hell. He just wrote a short article in the New York Times about going back to India for a family wedding that’s worth a […]

Changing the comic format…

After some feedback & consideration I’m switching the format of the comic from a strip to a page. I originally conceived the comic as being a daily strip with a lot of short, self-contained stories – very different from what the comic is at the moment. It will be better served as full page comic […]